Oxford Street Christmas lights

The new Christmas lights of Oxford Street will be an exciting and engaging installation with the participation of the public and with a daily event of 5 minutes in which light, colour and music will be joined. The installation that will last about two months every year will engage new audiences and communities by using the public participation and the introduction of the Music Schools across all London. The lights will consist of a single element the length of the entire street that will illuminate in a flexible way the areas that need it most and avoid interfering with the lighting of department stores that have their own Christmas lights. A single hose of white LED lights will begin illuminating Marble Arch and continue to unfold along the street up to Tottenham Court Road, winding up in the trees and manifesting in a special way at intersections where we want to draw attention. The points of attention will be created with the formation of Christmas words that the public can choose by means of a vote developed in the months before the lights are turned on. The special daily event will consist of a set of LED hose lights to the rhythm of a Christmas musical composition composed by a young composer and music student at London’s music colleges and universities. Each day a different composition will be played, it will last between 3-5 minutes and will attract all types of audiences to the area who will listen to the piece thanks to waterproof speakers distributed throughout Oxford Street and the priority streets of the surrounding area. On special occasions, such as the opening day of the lights, a unique show with coloured smoke will be performed along with the movement of the LED hose.