Infrastructure regeneration in Murcia

Our proposal for the Ideas Competition of the Mirador de La Gola de Marchamalo in La Manga del Mar Menor has been recognised with the 2nd prize. A place with a high natural and scenic value.

In the Gola de Marchamalo something very singular happens at the landscape level: the union of two seas, two entities with different characters, one closed and calm and the other open and rough. The project recognises this specificity of the location to find an attentive intervention for these two seas by proposing a viewpoint, or network of 360ยบ viewpoints that invites us to stop and look at both seas and that facilitates the physical and visual contact with the landscape. 365 days a year. They are lookout benches to contemplate the sunrise and sunset from the same point, to look at the sea but also for people passing by, to rest on the footpath as they go to the shops, to stretch after running, where to meet friends or simply put into practice “il dolce far niente”.

Motto: The pleasure of walking

Authors: Alicia Cantabella (Cantabella Public Space) + Elena Climent and Silvia Pujalte (LeA atelier)